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Standard Arabic and Dialect

In most languages, there is some difference between the way people express themselves in formal situations especially through writing and the way people speak in everyday-life situations. The spoken everyday life version in a given geographical area is known as the dialect. In Arabic the formal version is the Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) which is the official language of all Arab countries. The Egyptian Colloquial Arabic (ECA) is the dialect that is used for everyday communication in Egypt and in Cairo specifically and it is well understood by all Arabs due to many factors such as the influence of the Egyptian movies and songs since the beginning of cinema, radio and TV in the Arab world.  That also could be contributed to the fact that most Arabs completed their higher education in the past in Cairo especially in Al-Azhar.
If you are only interested in the formal version of Arabic, then you need to study the Modern Standard Arabic (MSA). If you are interested in interacting with people to get things done, socialize and learn more about the culture then you would better study the dialect. In IH Cairo we offer group courses of Egyptian Colloquial Arabic (ECA). If for some reason you are interested in learning other dialect we also offer special courses in Levantine, Sudanese and Gulf Arabic. Many students decide to learn both at the same time as from experience learning the standard language boasts the learning of the dialect and vice versa. For more information about our Arabic language courses.

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General Arabic Group Courses

You will develop your Arabic language skills through studying in a small group with other learners who are at your level of Arabic language proficiency. We offer Arabic group courses for Egyptian Colloquial Arabic( ECA) , Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and Survival Arabic. The tuition covers five levels of language proficiency according to the CEFR scale, from the beginners A1 to the advanced C1. Check out Arabic Courses below:

  1. MSA Courses (Modern Standard Arabic)
  2. ECA Courses (Egyptian Colloquial Arabic)
  3. Survival Arabic Courses

Arabic Teacher Training Courses

We combined our 40 years of experience in teaching Arabic together with up to date research in the field of teaching Arabic as a second or foreign language to offer standard Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language (TAFL) training courses. Our TAFL Courses are offered in 2 modules: TAFL Methodology Course and TAFL Classroom Practice Course.Check out different courses below:

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  2. TAFL Practice courses
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Live Online Arabic Courses

You can now study Arabic with us from anywhere in the world. Live online Arabic classes meet live online using Skype, Zoom with video and other tools that bring the classroom experience to you. The tuition covers five levels of language proficiency according to the CEFR scale, from the beginners A1 to the advanced C1. For more information about Online Courses and our special discounted rates.

Special & Customized Arabic Courses

We offer various types of specialized courses such as “History and Society”, “Religion and Culture”, “Commercial Communications” “, “Grammar” and “Literature” courses

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Extracurricular Activities

At IH Cairo we believe that language is better learnt through interaction with the native speakers in real world activities. Through well planned and structured fun immersion activities we create opportunities for our students to understand the Arabic culture and practice Arabic language in real-life cultural and social contexts..Read More